2017 EFPalooza Film Festival

EFPalooza 2017 is a three-day film festival celebrating the best of the Emerging Filmmaker’s Project, the home of Denver’s independent film scene since 2002. Hosted at the historic Bug Theatre, the event will showcase the work of more than 50 local filmmakers, featuring favorites from 2016 as well as several EFP premieres, with the filmmakers in attendance to take part in a spirited ‘talkback’ with the audience.

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The 2017 EFPalooza Film Schedule

Thursday at 8:00pm – The March Emerging Filmmakers Project
Join us as we kick off the three-night event with the EFP debut of several great short films at the March Emerging Filmmakers Project!

Clown – Michael Bliss (03:36)
I Stand Still: a love poem – Carlos Daniel Flores (06:40)
Take Your Best Shot – John Hartman (03:29)


365 Day Video Project – 2016 – Bradley Haag (12:23)
Breakfast Politics – Michael T. Scott (06:14)
Father of Lies – Levi A. Taylor and D.K. Johnston (08:56)

Friday at 7:00pm – Comedy Shorts
Featuring a collection of hilarious shorts and audience favorites from 2016, the Comedy Shorts block is an annual tradition at EFPalooza and not to be missed!

Get Your Hands On These T’s – Curt Donohue (00:30)
NUUURRRSE!!! – James Schuler (05:27)
Serial – Jordan Spalding (04:50)
No Soliciting – Shawna Schultz (05:10)
Harassment Sheshment – G. Chris Wiegand (04:28)
Wild Stoners – K.M. Ecke (03:30)
Thunderbolt 2: Never Strike Twice – Bradley Haag (07:20)


Ear Buds – Zach Eastman (07:41)
I Was a Teenage Refund – Michael T. Scott (04:32)
Muff Mints – Nancy Fingerhood (01:27)
Side Kick! – Richard Taylor (03:46)
Sawyer’s Bologna – Adam Rosenberg (00:26)
The Somniloquist – Adam Rosenberg (04:25)
Slappy H.R. – Bryan Harrold, Thomas Jaeger and Wes Matheny (10:00)
Dangling Pines – Cook St. Productions (10:00)

Friday at 9:00pm – Dark & Scary Shorts
A murderous trick-or-treater. A couple with a disturbing secret. Two sisters in the grip of a madman. Our Friday night late block features films with a dark or creepy element.

Coming Home – Alexander Vucasovich (07:30)
Turn Around – Luke Ostermiller (13:52)
Life Line – Greg Eakins (07:53)
Watching – Stephen Santa Cruz (08:41)


The Walk Home – Kyle Homan (05:33)
Lunatic – Nathaniel Shields (10:45)
Trickster – Jamon Tolbert and Xander Tolbert (04:58)
Decline and Fall – David Higgins (09:00)
Earthrise – Shannon Smith and Midian Crosby (10:00)

Saturday at 3:00pm – Short Films

Overcoming Dyslexia – Luke Austin (08:50)
– Kareem Kamahl Taylor (05:21)
Avenue of Hope – Lyndsay Lack (10:34)
The Rose
– Jeff Cavazos (13:48)


Nothing Needs to be Said – Ricky Mendoza (08:00)
– Jamey Hastings (18:28)
LSD Breast Art – John Hartman (09:58)

Saturday at 5:00pm – Documentary Block

Lenny C Rocks the Mic – Kristine Hipps (30:00)
Desplazado – Shari Due & Mona Maser (01:00:00)

Saturday at 7:00pm – Short Films

Lifeguard – Dillon James Cole (05:16)
The Rose – Michael Bliss (01:26)
Larry’s Luck – Henry Cavalier (07:42)
Rabbit Rondo – Greth Ligon (04:31)
Chasing Rabbits – Jacob Smith (12:27)


Lego Zombie Movie – Emiliano Acevedo (08:09)
Stalemate – Steven Sabell (14:00)
Driven – Brian McCulley (23:00)

Saturday at 9:00pm – Closing Night Shorts

I Am a Photon – Carlos Daniel Flores (02:00)
Victoriana – Elizabeth Giorgi and Chase Bortz (03:00)
Fish – Richard Corso (16:20)

Privilege – Evan Cannon (11:23)
T.I.T. Jam 2014
– Noah Mittman (09:01)
Break in Reality – D.K. Johnston and Katie Johnston (09:28)

Lineup subject to change. The full schedule of films is coming soon!

EFPalooza 2017 takes place March 16th, 17th and 18th at The Bug Theatre (3654 Navajo Street, Denver, CO 80232), with screenings at 8:00 p.m. on March 16th, at 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on March 17th, and at 3:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on March 18th. Tickets are $10 a block or $15 a day, or a full festival pass can be purchased for $25. To learn more visit the EFP website at www.efpdenver.com and The Bug Theatre’s website at www.bugtheatre.org.

The Bug Theatre and EFPalooza 2017 are supported by the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District, Sexy Pizza, Plan 9 Studios, Twelve Monkeys Dancing Films, Nebulus Visions Multimedia, Monster Makeup FX, Film Acting Academy of Denver, and cool cats everywhere.