Mile Hi Mocs and Docs

The first annual Mile Hi Mocs & Docs Film Festival celebrates the art of local documentary and mocumentary film. Host at the historic Bug Theatre, the event is part of the family of film festivals hosted by The Emerging Filmmaker’s Project, the home of Denver’s independent film scene since 2002. The festival will feature more than two dozen short and feature-length films covering a wide range of genres and topics, with many of the filmmakers in attendance to take part in a spirited ‘talkback’ with the audience.

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The schedule for the 2017 Mocs & Docs Film Festival includes the following films:

12:00pm Block:
“The Documentary of the Diary of Anne Frank” – Nate Koch (13:28)
“The Battle of the Broken Spoons” – Jason Heath and Jacob
Kedzierski (01:07:38)

2:00pm Block
“Just Say Yo The Story of Bong-A-Thon” – Jared Vigil (01:22:00)

4:00pm Block
“Rising Above ” – Brandon Stiller and Christen Martines (03:30)
“Wild Stoners” – K.M. Ecke (03:30)
“Avenue of Hope” – Lyndsay Lack (10:34)
“Real Funny” – Pamela Maass (11:00)
“Overcoming Dyslexia” – Luke Austin (08:50)
“The Bug Film” – Eileen Agosta (06:08)
“Native Strength – Pilot Episode” – Hyapatia Lee (27:00)
“50: The Hands of the Carpenter” – Patrick Sheridan (18:01)

6:00pm Block
“Just A Hobby” – Hélène Daldoss (06:41)
“7 Cups of Joe” – Patrick Sheridan (07:03)
“Steve & Robert” – Jose Chalit (07:11)
“Father Sun” – Olivia Abtahi (02:51)
“Beer, Bands, Bikes and Broke” – Shari Due and Mona Maser

8:00pm Block
“The Big Sell” – Guillermo Roques and Hap & Mandy Cameron
“The Joker at Comicon” – raoul raoul (08:50)
“Silent Connection” – Michael Travers (12:00)
“Places Like This” – Nicholas McNaughton (09:30)
“Channeling the Wild” – Jamey Hastings & Travis Duncan (04:46)
“With the Power of a Thousand Suns” – Natalie Villa (11:22)
“Crunch” – Sheila Schroeder (08:00)
“Pitch Perfect 237” – Cook St Productions (06:48)
“Transitions” – Maureen Lee Maloney (03:55)
“5 To Go” (trailer)” – Patrick Sheridan (01:30)

Lineup subject to change!

Mile Hi Mocs & Docs takes place Sunday, December 3rd at The Bug Theatre (3654 Navajo Street, Denver, CO 80232), with screenings at 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm and 8:00pm. Tickets are $10 a block or $20 for the full day. To learn more visit the EFP website at and The Bug Theatre’s website at

The Bug Theatre and Mile Hi Mocs & Docs 2017 are supported by the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District, Sexy Pizza, Plan 9 Studios, Twelve Monkeys Dancing Films, Nebulus Visions Multimedia, Film Acting Academy of Denver, and cool cats everywhere.