Battle for the Boot

MEET THE FILMMAKERS: Ryan Demers and Paul Pendell

Ryan Demers and Paul Pendell are the co-directors of “Battle for the Boot,” a feature length documentary about the Denver Kickball Coalition. It premiered at the 33rd Starz Denver Film Festival and won the Golden Ace award at the 2011 Las Vegas Film Festival. Excerpts form this feature-length documentary screens September 20th at The Emerging Filmmakers Project. Screenings are held at Denver’s The Bug Theatre (3654 Navajo St.)

EFP Host Patrick Sheridan had a chance to chat with Ryan.

PS: Tell us about yourself and your style as a filmmaker.

RD: Paul really likes Comic Book movies, I am L’Autre.

PS: What else are you working on?RD: We are working on our first narrative feature film entitled “The Honey Cooler” starring local legend (In his own mind) Sid Pink. We also hope to start shooting a web series soon.PS: Tell us one weird thing about you or your movies.RD: In order to get the main interview for “Battle for the Boot” with DKBC founder Joe Phillips, Paul and I drove to Chicago and back in less than 48 hours. “The Honey Cooler” is a film-noir homage with people in animal costumes. This idea came directly from shooting our first feature “Battle for the Boot.”

PS: Where can people go to find out more about you?

RD: Check out our websites www.gaylordstreetfilms.comwww.battlefortheboot.netwww.thehoneycooler.com, and our YouTube channel under Gaylord Street Films.

PS: Is there anything you’d like to say about The Emerging Filmmakers Project?

RD: Arthur Martinez is my Idol.

PS: Many people feel the same way about Arthur.