Eleven 0 one

MEET THE FILMMAKERS: Will Kingston and A.J. Koch.

Irreverent filmmakers Will and A.J. are showing their latest work Eleven 0 one at The Emerging Filmmakers Project on October 18th down at Denver’s historic Bug Theatre. Eleven 0 one was recently voted Best Film in Denver’s 48 Hour Film Project.  The EFP is Denver’s longest running, locals-only, independent film screening event.  EFP Host Patrick Sheridan interviewed the two filmmakers over the internet.

PS: Tell us about yourself and what pushed you to become filmmakers.

WK: To meet girls. Unless my wife is reading this, in which case, something about boobs.

AK: When I was a kid, I started filming these rather rudimentary short films with my friends about killer laundry and alien squirrels. They were really awful. I guess some things never change.

PS: What are we going to see at the EFP? What are your plans for i?

WK: Eleven 0 One is a movie made for this year’s 48 Hour Film Project in Denver. After somehow winning that competition – I say “somehow” because the caliber of films this year was phenomenal – our film will be screened at Filmapalooza in Los Angeles. We’d like to release a revised version of the film at some point, but that’s a bit contrary to the spirit of the competition, so that may or may not happen.

AK: We also have plans to use it as a instructional video on hygiene.

PS: You can never have too many subversive, “pro-hygiene” movies, I say.  So, what else are you working on?

AK: My favorite upcoming project is Eleven 0 two. We plan on making it in 48 minutes.

WK: I’d like to say we’re always working on something, but the fact is we’ve all got jobs and families and pre existing conditions, so finding the time to create is always a challenge. Moist Pork is one of our side projects that we’d like to get back to working on, but it’s hard to coordinate with our Finnish partners overseas.

PS: I’m almost afraid to ask, but what is one weird thing about your movies?

AK: We approach movie making from a run and gun perspective. More time is put into the production and post aspect than pre-production. We like to show up at someone’s house and just start making a movie from scratch that day.

WK: Characters entering / exiting through windows is an unintentional theme we’ve found ourselves repeating.

PS: Where can people find out more about you?

AK:  You would most likely find us at a bar somewhere in the Highlands…

WK: …or check your local police blotter.

PS: What else should we know about you?

WK: I’d like to think we’re learning and growing as a storytelling team, getting better at finding a thread and following it from start to finish. We’re also always looking to collaborate with other creatives, so if you need an extra set of hands or brains on set, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

PS: Is there anything you’d like to say about The Emerging Filmmakers Project?

AJ: We think it’s great that Denver has a booming community of filmmakers, and we applaud the EFP for showcasing great rising talent.

WK: Thanks to everybody involved with the EFP. This is a great way to get some exposure and feedback, and a great place to meet a bunch of video nerds. Patrick, you’re wearing black right now, aren’t you?

PS: Yes, but I’m not wearing pants, but don’t worry I’ll probably have some on by the 18th. Probably.  See you down there!