Something You Can’t Find


Zachary Wyman is an instantly likable people and a fine filmmaker to boot. So of course The Emerging Filmmaker Project (EFP) wants to show his work. This Thursday night, November 15th, Zachary is screening a short trailer for Something You Can’t Find, a 70 minute feature length film that has been called, “ An existential portrait of a generation. A film experiment on purpose and meaning in life.”

The full movie plays Sunday night, November 18th, at 8:00 p.m. down at The Bug Theatre. EFP host Patrick Sheridan had a chance to chat with Zachary.

P.S.: I really enjoyed your movie and I’m really happy that it is going to screen Sunday night at The Bug. So, Why did you become a filmmaker?
Z.W.: Because I want to create artistic things, and film is the one art form that’s made the most sense to me.  I started seriously pursuing filmmaking in High School, and the more I’ve gotten to know about it the more I feel like it’s what I’m meant to do, in some capacity.

P.S.: What are we going to see at the EFP? Has it screened elsewhere and what are your plans for it?
Z.W.: You will be seeing the trailer for my feature film Something You Can’t Find, which will be screening in full at the Bug three days later!

P.S.: What else are you working on?
Z.W.: I have a new dramatic feature script written, and just recently made contact with a new friend who has expressed interest in collaborating as producer and possible co-writer.

P.S.: Tell us one weird thing about you and/or your movies?
Z.W.: As a friend recently told me, “You’re a film student.  We’re all weird kids.”  One weird thing about the film is that this morning I realized I may have based one of my character’s poses off of a Rooney Mara Girl with the Dragon Tattoo behind-the-scenes photo.  Subconscious influences…

P.S.: Where can people go to find out more about you and your work?
Z.W.: Please take a look at the Facebook page I have set up for the film: http://www.facebook.com/SomethingYouCantFind  And feel free to send a message!

P.S.: Is there anything you’d like to say about The Emerging Filmmakers Project?
Z.W.: I have been to only one EFP event so far, and only wish I had been told to go before!  I think it’s an incredible networking opportunity, and the event I attended reminded me of a big friendly fan club!  It’s good to meet people with similar interests, and even better when the atmosphere can be so fun.

P.S.: We hope you become a regular and please keep making movies.