Whores & Legends


Ryan is the writer and director of “Whores & Legends,” a short comedy about a karaoke bar. It follows two souls through an unforgettable night. The movie plays September 20th at The Emerging Filmmakers at The Bug Theatre (3654 Navajo St., Denver CO 80211). EFP host Patrick Sheridan recently caught up with Ryan.

PS: Why do you make movies?

RC: Making films just makes me smile. If you ever get the chance to see me on set, rehearsal, or even a casting call you’ll see nothing but a giant, s*@#-eatin’ grin on my face the entire time!I’m not sure that I really have a style yet or what that would even be. Everything is visual for me. I tried to avoid heavy dialogue if possible. Lately, I’ve been focused on narrative shorts, but I’ll do anything that I think has a great story that wants to be told.PS: Tell us a little bit about your movie.RC: “Whores and Legends” developed around my love of karaoke and various rules that I’ve picked up through the years of running a gauntlet of bars and singers.This short film plays Thursday night, September 20th at The Emerging Filmmakers Project (EFP). EFP host Patrick Sheridan recently caught up with Ryan.The film has screened at the 2012 MayDay Film Festival where it took home “Best Actor in a Short”, and played at the 2012 Phenom Film Festival.PS: What else are you working on?

RC: I’m working on a couple of scripts right now. One has to deal with death and the possibility of renting out your own body. The other is geared around doing an entire short film on nothing but First Takes, no do-overs, no second chances.

I’m also currently developing an experimental film based off a short poem I wrote several years ago called “Alleged Penmanship.” I want to take live action stills and carve them into acrylic, and then animate them by pouring ink into the grooves. Still working out the logistics on that one.PS: Tell us one weird thing about you or your movies.RC: I always find a way (usually unintentional) to inject myself into my films. Whether it’s through adapting a personal experience into a script or doing background karaoke vocals for “Whores and Legends.”PS: Where can people go to find out more about you?RC: I’m still working on my new website but people can check out my work on vimeo. http://vimeo.com/rgiddyPS: Is there anything you’d like to say about The Emerging Filmmakers Project?

RC: I think the EFP is a great place to see awesome local talent. I love discovering what everyone is creating within the visual medium and getting to experience the great varieties of storytelling.

PS: Thanks, Ryan. See you on the 20th!