April 18th, 2013 Lineup

April 18th, at 8:00 p.m. $5 – The Denver Animated Pixelshow

PROGRAM ONE (8:10 p.m.)
Time Caddy by Will Kingston
Symbols by Ronnie Cramer
Rosas en la Noche by Paprice Sarcuzzi
Time Chair Enigma by Jamey Jorgensen
The Twister Sound by S. Black
Moist Pork (One) by Will Kingston
Enter Mustachio by Bradley Haag
Power of the Gospel by Andrew Sakata
The Window by Ronnie Cramer
The Dollar Menu by Joe McGrory
Pastrami and Rye (GI Joe Stop Motion Animation Fest) by Gio Toninelo
Wait for Me by Kendra Fleishman
A Dream by Matt Puerner
Clayliens by Jessica Allen
Blind Piano Teacher by Evert Brown

Pancake Island (Winner Ones and Zeros Pixelfest) with Dylan Otto Krider
Forever Mankind by Eric Pung
PigHeads by Thinh Nguyen and Ethan Webb
Beware of Hat and Glasses by Bradley Haag
Nuts ‘N Bolts by Jesse Suhr
Candle Dance by Angellica Russell
Moist Pork (Two) by Will Kingston
A Complex Villianelle by Jonathon Goldstein

The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato’s Allegory in Clay by Michael Ramsey
Idiot Chittix’s Toilet Paper Super Bowl Commercial by Bradley Haag
Blooka Lemon Lover by Ed Desroches
8 Second Dance by Trey Moya
The Shepherd Boy and The Wolf by Timothy Schultz
Moist Pork Three by Will Kingston
The Unrecoverable Loss of Eugene by Patrick Loehr

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