Denver Medium


Julie DeLuna is one of those naturally enthusiastic and positive people you can’t help but like. An internet marketer by day, Julie recently made her first movie, Denver Medium, primarily as a means to shwocase her talent as an actor. Her movie plays December 20th at The Bug Theatre (3654 Navajo St.) as part of The Emerging Filmmakers Project (EFP). EFP Host Patrick Sheridan recently caught up with Julie.

IMG_5884P.S.: Why did you become a filmmaker?

J.D.: I became a filmmaker because I want to star in films! I rally don’t have a passion for creating films, although I am enjoying the ride. My passion is to be the lead star in films, and the easiest way for me to do that is to make them!

P.S.: What are we seeing? What was the inspiration for your movie?

J.D.: I’m showing my first production Denver Medium. Basically I have always liked the Long Island Medium character Theresa. I find her and her job to be absolutely hilarious! I loved her personality so much I wanted to reenact it!

P.S.: What else are you working on?

J.D.: I am getting ready for more of an action movie. I have always wanted to do fight scenes, be the vixen who beats up the bad guys in heels! Ok maybe not heels quite yet… Im working on it! My next film will definitely include some ass kicking (by me!).

P.S.: Tell us one weird thing about you or your  movies?

J.D.: Nothing weird about me or my movies. I love to be funny and I love to make people laugh! Technically my movies are weird, but if it gets the audience laughing then I have achieved my mission!

P.S.: Where can people find out more about you and your work?

J.D.: They can check out my facebook fan page: Fans of Julie DeLuna http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fans-of-Julie-DeLuna/220630018022252.

P.S.: Is there anything you’d like to say about The Emerging Filmmakers Project?

J.D.: YES! Thanks to a lot of my close acting friends (Swann Christopher), my acting coaches at AEC Studios, and The Emerging Filmmakers Project I was inspired to make my own films! If it wasn’t for the combination of the three I don’t think I would of had the guts to pull everyone together to create this work of art! It takes determination, a team, support, and belief. I said “Hey If those people can come up with a short 5 minute film, why can’t I?” So I did! Im actually surprised at myself to have created this (like I stated before, filmmaking is not my passion, showing up and acting is). What a better way to end the year 2012. I have accomplished all of my goals and some!

P.S.: Since you didn’t really consider yourself a filmmaker before making Denver Medium, is there anything you like to say to people thinking about making a movie?

J.D.: For anyone who is interested in filmmaking, I say GO FOR IT! You can pull it together. You can get the support you need. You can make an awesome super mega low-budget film. YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANY DESIRE YOU WISH TO HAVE! I hope my films get more directors and producers interested in having ME in their next films! That was my goal of making this!  Good Luck to you aspiring filmmakers and producers!

P.S.: (Laughing) We’ve created a monster! Good luck, Julie, and see you at the EFP!