Meet the Filmmaker: Elgin Cahill, “Branded”

Branded | www.chestnuttreefilms.net

Elgin CahillQ: Why did you become a filmmaker?
EC: When I was 12 years old, I read the novel 1984 by George Orwell, and I loved it. A year later, I saw the film, directed by Michael Radford. I was amazed at how similar the movie looked compared to the way I pictured it in my head when I read the book. I was fascinated by the process of taking a story or an idea and breathing life into it.

Q: What are we going to see at the EFP? Has it screened elsewhere and what are your plans for it?
EC: Branded is a one-location short film about two patients in a hospital for the criminally insane. The piece is purely dialogue-driven, and has a tiny bit of a One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest feel to it. We are going to submit it to some festivals. And this is our premiere screening!

Q: What else are you working on?
EC: I am currently in post production on the official “Bruce Randolph” documentary, in production on a documentary about acting, in pre-production on both a narrative short and a feature, and in the process of trying to secure story rights for another feature.

Q: Tell us one weird thing about you and/or your movies?
EC: All of my films have a theme. For instance, in Love, Lily, all the male characters are named after characters from It’s a Wonderful Life, and the mom is actually watching It’s a Wonderful Life in the film.

Q: Where can people go to find out more about you and your work?
EC: You can find out more about me and my work at www.chestnuttreefilms.net

Q: Is there anything you’d like to say about The Emerging Filmmakers Project?
EC: I am grateful for the opportunity to see interesting films from other local filmmakers at The EFP, and for the opportunity to show my work. I have many friends and colleagues who i initially met at The EFP. Denver is very fortunate to have such a wonderful venue.

Branded will screen March 19th at The Emerging Filmmakers Project.