Meet the Filmmaker: Lily O’Dowd, “Call Me If You Get This”

Q: Why did you become a filmmaker?
L: I’ve wanted to be a filmmaker since I was 9 years old and saw a “behind the scenes” for the Nick Cage Ghost Rider movie. The director got to go up in a really tall crane and I thought that looked fun. The rest all kind of spiraled from there.

Q: What are we going to see at the EFP? Has it screened elsewhere and what are your plans for it?
L: Call Me If You Get This is audio documentary and visual fiction. The voice overs are my real and actual voicemail box, including real and actual voicemails from my ex-boyfriend who I dumped upon figuring out I was a lesbian. All actors are unprofessional (as you can probably tell) including my friends, dog, younger sister, and grandma. This is the first ever theatrical screening of Call Me If You Get This.

Q: What else are you working on?
L: I’m currently working on getting over 5 hours of sleep a night and remembering to eat vegetables. Also maybe some films.

Q: Tell us one weird thing about you and/or your movies?
L: I try to put my younger sister in as many of them as I can.

Q: Where can people go to find out more about you and your work?
L: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfp3Xf85n8TKiTDvJJC_Qzw

Q: Is there anything you’d like to say about The Emerging Filmmakers Project?
L: Thank you EFP for giving me a chance to show case my work. It’s really great to see my low-fi, $0 budget, experimental short on a big screen and it’s nice to have a platform other than my mom showing it to people on her phone. Thanks for supporting not just me, but other new filmmakers.

Call Me If You Get This will screen at The Emerging Filmmakers Project on Thursday, April 19th at The Bug Theatre.