Two Semesters of Psychology


Chris Wiegand is one of those guys you want on a movie set. Actually, he’s the kind of guy you NEED on your movie set. Why? He does it whatever it takes to get whatever needs to be done without needing his hand held.

Beyond that, he’s an extremely likable guy who keeps making better and better movies. HIs movie, Two Semesters of Psychology, plays February 21st at The Emerging FIlmmakers Project (EFP) down at The Bug Theatre.  EFP Host Patrick Sheridan recently caught up with Chris.

P.S.: So, why did you become a filmmaker? DSC_5085

C.W.: My good friend Nash Morales and I used to get drunk and listen to old vinyl records. I would indulge him with all the ideas for music videos I had for certain songs and he kept saying that if I don’t go to film school it would be a waste of a life, so I did. Other than that I don’t really know why I became a filmmaker but it’s so engrained to my core I think the better question is, “Why did filmmaking choose me?” And I still don’t know that answer to that.

P.S.: Two Semesters of Psychology is pretty funny.

C.W.: Good. I wanted to do something fun and unscripted with some friends that could be easily shot and edited. I also wanted to warn people about the dangers of trying to impress a girl.

P.S.: What are your plans for it?

C.W.: I plan to submit to different comedy festivals around the country and region.

P.S.: This EFP features a bunch of love gone wrong movies. How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

C.W.: If I had the day off because of it I would love it. But I don’t, so I don’t particularly care.

P.S.: What else are you working on?

C.W.: Just shot my latest short, Charlie Hatch, which will be out in a month or so and also trying to do a bunch of writing for my next short.

P.S.: Tell us one weird or unusual thing about you or your movies.

C.W.: I try to incorporate music any chance I can to enhance the emotional response I’m going for. I feel that music and the correct visual aesthetics are better than any dialogue.

P.S.: Where can people go to find out more about you and your work?

C.W.: Facebooking me right now is the best way but I’m building my website and that will be cannonballfilmproductions.com when it’s finished.

P.S.: Is there anything you’d like to say about The Emerging Filmmakers Project?

C.W.: I love the EFP. What a great place to go for some good movies, good conversation, and as much beer as you can handle for five bucks. Hell Yeah.

P.S.: Thank you for not bringing up Jimmy Said.

C.W.: You’re welcome.

P.S.: Thanks! See you on the 21st!